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If you’re struggling to come up with your next great concept, put down that other ipsum text and drop this like it’s hot into your design comp. This colorful blend of inspirational text is sure to get those lost creative juices flowing and generate a big thumbs up from your client, creative director, or professor. You’re already one step closer to wild success.

System requirements are practically nonexistent. Text is compatible with all versions of adobe software (even that expensive Creative Cloud nonsense). Simply pick either the number of words or number of paragraphs you are in need of, then in one click we will give you the copy that guarantees your next design review will be one you won’t forget!


The house typeface for the Lorem Fucking Ipsum generated copy is Helvetica Neue or Neue Haas Grotesk. These modern typefaces were selected because of their crisp, clean details and typographic texture that make them aesthetically appealing and easy to read. They have a clearly defined hierarchy of sizes and weights with known typographic results and thus are compatible with such special applications as design advice, printed material, and information existing in digitial spaces.

Text generated from Lorem Fucking Ipsum is best organized when applied to a typographic grid system.




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